Making global management of music rights faster, more efficient, transparent and less costly with one common platform. Our platform is called Concertify.

Our Mission

To simplify cross-border copyright licensing.

Key Benefits

Faster money flows for rights owners

Transparent and easily traceable data

Faster and more efficient CMO interaction

Concertify is a platform for artists, event organizers, copyright societies, copyright owners and music publishers.

Concertify approach

  • All stakeholders interact directly with the Concertify platform
  • Easy to use modules like setlist reporting, prefilled event information, common dashboard and inbuild messaging
  • Automated notifications are sent whenever information is missing

Our Value Proposition


Achieve faster foreign royalty collection for authors


Decrease your operating cost

  • with a single inter-CMO messaging integration
  • by getting rid of any primitive means of communications (email, documents, ftp)
  • by decreasing the overall amount of manual labour
  • with fewer banking transactions enabled by netting and the payment ledger


Track & trace efficiently

  • the connection between your claims and received payments
  • the states where your claims are at your counterpart’s
  • your up-to-date international payment balance

About Us

Mind Your Rights Ltd. is a Finnish technology start-up specializing in developing common platform for music rights management. Our vision is to make global managing of music rights faster, more efficient, transparent and less costly for music authors and publishers.

Mind Your Rights Ltd. was founded in 2017. As an independent start-up, our mission is to develop an efficient and transparent cross-border copyright licensing ecosystem.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, we work in close co-operation with Teosto, a Finnish nonprofit performance rights organization. Co-operation with the key industry organizations and developing solutions on top of the existing industry structures are essential principles in our philosophy. Our story stemmed from a development project in Teosto, in which the Board of Teosto encouraged us to find new, modern ways that would make copyright management easier and more transparent.

We came up with Teosto Setlist App first, a user-friendly mobile app for live concert setlist reporting. It proved to be highly useful and popular, and it led us to explore more efficient ways to handle and manage the collected data. We made the first prototype with blockchain technology. Now we have moved to a beta test phase of our Concertify platform and we are actively looking for CMO and technology partners and investors.

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Robin Parr, CEO

Telephone +49 89 80044308

Mobile +49 172 894 8583

Robin Parr, CEO

Telephone +40 89 80044308

Mobile +49 172 894 8583

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Mind Your Rights GmbH, Landsbergerstrasse 155, Haus 2, 80687 München, Deutschland

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